Solibri Connection

The Archicad-Solibri connection add-on provides fast and automated code- and constructability checking. The updated add-on automatically detects and sends only those elements that are changed in the Archicad model, resulting in faster round-trip collaboration. BCF-based issue reporting was introduced to this workflow, enabling designers to assign the detected issues or solve them later on. This add-on allows fast BIM updates and the use of Solibri while working in a real time design scenario. No longer do you need to save files and upload back and forth between programs. Simply design, check and amend as necessary.

Find more info on Solibri here.

Installation of Solibri Connection Add-On for Archicad


Before installing the Add-on, make sure that the relevant Archicad is installed on your computer.
Please be aware that Solibri or newer is required.
When installing Solibri Connection Add-on, you must be logged on as a member of the Administrator Group.


Locate the desired OS version in the list below and download the installer.

Version Windows Mac OSX User Guide Last modified
Solibri Connection for Archicad 24 Coming Soon… N/A N/A
Solibri Connection for Archicad 23 Technology Preview 10.4 MB 10.4 MB Dec. 17, 2019

Technology Preview features provide early access to upcoming product innovations, enabling users to test functionality and provide feedback during the development process.Technology Preview features are not fully supported, may not be functionally complete, and are not suitable for deployment in production.We are considering the future iterations of technology preview, and will attempt to resolve any issues that customers experience when using these features.
End users can reach support by email at to raise questions and provide feedback.


Launch the Setup Wizard:

  • On Windows: Double-click on the .exe file to launch the Setup Wizard.
  • On MacOS: Double-click on the installer file to launch the Setup Wizard.

After installing, the Add-on will be placed in the following folder:

  • On Windows: Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\Archicad 23\Add-Ons\Solibri Connection
  • On MacOS: Applications/GRAPHISOFT/Archicad 23/Add-Ons/Extras

Notes on Uninstalling:

Navigate to Program Files\GRAPHISOFT\Archicad 23\Uninstall.SB and click on Uninstall.

Navigate to Applications/GRAPHISOFT/Archicad 23/Uninstall.SB and click on Uninstall.