Manage Company

GRAPHISOFT ID is your user account to all GRAPHISOFT websites and services.

A “Company GRAPHISOFT ID” is a Company’s account in the GRAPHISOFT ID system. The Company GRAPHISOFT ID settings are an extension of the personal GRAPHISOFT ID settings of individual users who belong to the Company.

The significance of the Company GRAPHISOFT ID is that GRAPHISOFT customers are entitled to certain online resources that belong to the Company, not the individual user. For example, Archicad licenses (represented by soft or hardware protection keys) are always associated with a Company, not an individual. Similarly, Companies may have access to online services provided by GRAPHISOFT, such as extra storage space on the BIMx transfer site or SSA related local content.

Put simply, in the GRAPHISOFT world, the Archicad Protection Key(s) represent a Company, and the GRAPHISOFT IDs represent individuals. When the two are “paired”, a Company GRAPHISOFT ID is created. From that point on, the individual becomes a member of the Company in the GRAPHISOFT ID database.

A Company GRAPHISOFT ID has always at least one individual’s “personal” GRAPHISOFT ID associated with it. This member of the Company is called the “Administrator”. Further individuals belonging to the same company may also join the company as standard members, using their own GRAPHISOFT ID’s. All members of the Company get access to the resources allocated to the Company, but only the Administrator has management control over the resources.

A Company GRAPHISOFT ID is created automatically when the first person in a company associates their individual GRAPHISOFT ID with any of the company’s Archicad Protection Keys through the “Key pairing” process. The key pairing happens when:

  • You first publish a BIMx document from a commercially licensed Archicad using your individual GRAPHISOFT ID
  • You first download a commercial Software-Based Protection Key using your individual GRAPHISOFT ID

The first person who completes the Key Pairing process will become the Administrator. The Administrator can later transfer the administrator rights to another member.

When an Administrator logs into the website, she will have access to the Company management tools under the “Manage Company” and “Manage Licenses” menus.

There are two ways to join an existing Company:

  • An Administrator can invite any individual with a personal GRAPHISOFT ID to join the Company he/she manages. The Administrator can send the invitation from the website under the “Company details / Invitations” menu. The invited Member will receive an email with the invitation, and can accept or reject the invitation.
  • A GRAPHISOFT ID user can send a join request to an Administrator at the first attempt of using GRAPHISOFT’s online services, e.g.:
    • downloading a Software-Based Protection Key to her computer
    • Sharing a BIMx model

When an individual does any of the above actions using the Company’s Archicad license and their own individual GRAPHISOFT ID, then the administrator will be notified for approval to complete the process. At this point, this GRAPHISOFT ID will become a Member of the Company.

There are two types of user roles: “Administrator” and “Member”.

The person who creates the Company GRAPHISOFT ID automatically becomes the Administrator. This role can be later transferred to any other member. A Company always has a single administrator and any number of ordinary members.

The Administrator has certain privileges compared to regular members:

  • Members who join the Company have to be approved by the Administrator
  • The Administrator can eject members from the Company
  • If the Company has Software-based Protection Keys, then the Administrator can manage these licenses (see more under Managing Licenses)
  • The Administrator can transfer its administrative role to another member of the Company

Once you have joined a Company, the Company information will be accessible when you log in to your own GRAPHISOFT ID under

Ordinary Members will see the “Company Details” and the “License Pool” menu items, which provide information about the Company they are joined to, and the software licenses (protection keys) available to them. The Administrator has the right to manage these resources.

The first member who joins the Company automatically becomes the Administrator. Only the Administrator can transfer Administrator rights to another Member.

To transfer your Administrator status to another member, please log in to Then go to “Company Details” and select the Member you want to make Administrator. That Member will receive an email notification and asked to accept the Administrator role.

You can leave a Company by clicking on the “Leave Company” button on the Company details tab. Also your Company Administrator has the right to disconnect you from the Company. If you are not sure who your Company Administrator is, you can find this information under “Company Details” on the GRAPHISOFT ID website.

Once your GRAPHISOFT ID has been disconnected from a Company, you are free to join another Company, using your same GRAPHISOFT ID