Secure, real-time collaboration between project team members regardless of the size or complexity of the project, the location of the offices, or the speed of the Internet connection.  Available in both private and public cloud configurations on standard hardware means even smaller offices can take advantage of fast, efficient and secure access to shared projects in real time.

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Work from anywhere, without missing a beat.  Instant messaging between Archicad and BIMx means you’ll never lose track of notes or changes to the model.  You’ll work just as fast and efficiently on the road as you would at the office, regardless of the size and location of your team or the complexity of the project.

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You’ll be up and running in no time!  IT managers need no special skills or extraordinary hardware for set up.  BIMcloud keeps your data safe with multi-level backups and a preemptive monitoring and warning system.  And security is guaranteed even when collaborating over the Internet.

Feature Comparison

  BIMcloud Basic BIMcloud BIMcloud as a Service
Basic teamworking
Collaborate on design projects through Archicad
Delta technology
Send only changes through the network
Communicate within the project
Discuss specific issues within the project
Basic permission system
Individual permission settings for each project
Advanced teamworking
Reservation assistant, intelligent project libraries
BIMx PRO license and communication
BIMx PRO features with integrated messaging for all projects
Advanced permission system
Hierarchical permission definition with inherited settings
User directory integration
Connect your office user directory for easier access management
Multi-site optimisation with BIMcloud Delta Cache
Speed up remote team’s work by saving on network bandwidth
No up-front investment
Hop on, hop off as your projects require it
Zero IT
The system is managed by GRAPHISOFT – no need to invest in additional IT solutions

Technical Specs

Identify the best hardware specification for your BIMcloud.

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System requirements
Recommended configuration
Minimum Hardware Requirements
Firm size Small
2 – 5 active users
5 – 25 active users
25+ active users
Project size Up to 10 concurently running small projects. (100-150 MB in pln format each) For further information get in touch with us
CPU 4+ cores
2.2+ Ghz
8+ cores
2.5+ Ghz
12+ cores
2.2+ Ghz
64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor
Memory 16+ GB RAM 32+ GB RAM 64+ GB RAM
Disk SSD SSD SSD Internal storage
50+ GB of free space above hosted data 100+ GB of free space above hosted data 100+ GB of free space above hosted data
Operating System Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019 Windows 10 64-bit
macOS 10.13+ macOS 10.13