STAR(T) Edition downloads and updates

Download Archicad Star(t) Edition free. Updates, hotfixes can be downloaded from Archicad’s built in check for updates feature.

STAR(T) Edition Updates

Updates for Archicad STAR(T) Edition can be downloaded through Archicad STAR(T) Edition’s built in check for updates feature. The availability of updates is checked every time the program is launched or you can check for updates through the ‘Help’ menu.

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Goodies for Archicad, interoperability and IFC downloads, data exchange with other applications.
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Libraries & Objects

Find GDL elements on and on other object depository sites.
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GRAPHISOFT MEP Modelerâ„¢ helps architects to create, edit or import intelligent 3D MEP networks such as ductworks, piping and cable trays.
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Downloads for GRAPHISOFT License Management and Protection Key Drivers.
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Download the Java version that was bundled with the Archicad version you have.
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File Converter

Use the file converter packages to convert your old Archicad files to a format which is supported by current Archicad versions.
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For earlier downloads, please consult the Archive Downloads page.