GRAPHISOFT Learn is all about BIM knowledge, including training, certification and conferences. It’s our official know-how program for anyone interested in learning about Archicad and BIM.

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Online Learning

Choose from a variety of online training materials covering Archicad and BIM on the GRAPHISOFT Learn Portal. These GRAPHISOFT approved, self-paced online training courses were developed for prospects, users and students with different levels of knowledge and interest. Each training includes step-by-step instructions, narrated video clips and ready-to-use Archicad project files for hands-on practice.


GRAPHISOFT BIM Manager Program

The 5-day face-to-face or 10-week online BIM Manager Program, covers general BIM implementation strategies, Archicad template and project management workflows. It is built on established standards that support and complement the Open BIM concept. You’ll be a GRAPHISOFT Certified Archicad BIM Manager after successfully completing the program.

BIM Manager Events

Archicad Online Test

So, you think you know Archicad? Answer a series of multiple-choice questions for immediate feedback about your performance with the help of our Online Test! Identify your knowledge gaps and find the best training based on your results!

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Archicad sample project, Villa House, Reload Architects, Hungary 

Archicad Sample Projects

Explore real projects to enhance your Archicad knowledge! Download the small-scale Hillside House or the mid-scale S-office sample projects to get new ideas and learn new approaches to modeling, documentation or metadata handling.

Download Sample Projects

Master Classes event, Budapest, Hungary


GRAPHISOFT and its local partners offer many events that are great opportunities to network and learn more about our innovative products and the future of BIM straight from our developers and industry leaders. Check out our Event Calendar and contact your local partner!

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