Objects for Archicad

GDL objects contain all the information necessary to completely describe building elements as 2D CAD symbols, 3D models and text specifications for use in drawings, presentations and calculations.


Archicad Object Download Sites

GDL Objects provided by GRAPHISOFT

 Site Free or Fee? Amount of Objects Description
BIMcomponents.com Free Xtralarge (1000+) The BIM Component database allows you to create, search, upload, and download custom BIM components of
your choice.

Other Archicad Object Download Sites

 Site Free or Fee? Amount of Objects Description
BIMobject® Free/Registration Xtralarge (1000+) Thousands of BIM objects from real manufacturers: Furniture, Plumbing, Doors/Windows and many other
object types
Archibase.net Free Xtralarge (1000+) Thousands of free objects in GDL format, neatly categorized. Most of them seem to
come from 3DS, so some of them are very polygon-heavy
MODLAR Free/Registration Xtralarge (500+) Manufacturer-specific objects
ProdLib Oy Free Xtralarge (500+) Collection of Manufacturer-specific objects
3DCADCO Free Large (100+) Mostly Manufacturer-specific furniture objects
Archicado Free Large (100+) 2D and 3D objects, mostly furniture and people (FRA)
Opengdl Free Large (100+) Good collection of different kinds of 2D and 3D objects
4DLibrary Pay Large (100+) Comprehensive library for the Australian market, including doors, windows, stairs and more
Archiradar Free/Registration Large (100+) Large collection of specific objects
B-prisma Free/Pay Large (100+) furniture, structures, tools, windows, 2D objects, environment
Cadimage Free/Pay Large (100+) Mostly furniture, but also some special objects
ArchiLIB.OD Free Large (100+) Mostly construction elements, some furniture, 2D elements (FRA)
Lammhults Free Large (100+) furniture
Skandiform Free Large (100+) furniture (Chairs, Sofas, Tables, Storage)
CADSWIFT Pay Medium (30-100) Smart, highly parametric objects, collections and templates
ArchicadObjects Free/ Registration Medium (30-100) furniture, structures (ITA)
opengdl.org Free/Pay Medium (30-100) furniture, structures, environment, 2D, markers/stamps (GER)
GDL-Centrum Free/ Registration Medium (30-100) Specific bathroom objects, cars, 2D people (HUN)
FavierFrancois Free Medium (30-100) Structures, openings, decoration, 2D objects (FRA)
Wilkhahn Free Medium (30-100) Downloading furniture objects will start when you click on Wilkhahn 2010
Archisolutions Free/Pay Medium (30-100) Structures, green objects, bathroom, detailing, 2D objects
Skoldinov Free Medium (30-100) Baths, fireplaces, 2D people
Rakennustieto Free Medium (30-100) Mostly furniture (FIN)
Finstone Free Medium (30-100) Stone textures
Eptar Free/Pay Medium (30-100) Manufacturer objects
Eptar Free Medium (30-100) GDL Library of building companies (HUN)
Applecore Pay Small (0-30) 2D wall, roof detail objects
Masterscript Free/Pay Small (0-30) Very useful and specific objects and tools
Dahlman Free/Pay Small (0-30) furniture
SmartGDL Pay Small (0-30) Plants, roads (HUN)
Doclace Free Small (0-30) Industrial components

Other GDL Object Collection Sites

 Site Description
GotoGDL Collection of GDL shops, free GDL download pages, manufacturers offering GDL objects and others
ArchiBLOQ Huge collection of all kinds of GDL download pages (POL)
furniture Great collection of furniture companies offering GDL objects (HUN)
Object Office Collection of manufacturers GDL object (POL)

GDL Software Downloads

For earlier GDL software downloads please consult the Archive