Archicad and COBie

BIM Data

An Archicad model can be described as a central BIM database that stores all project data and makes it accessible to any project stakeholder.

COBie is the abbreviation of Construction-Operations Building information exchange, a specification used in the handover of Facility Management information. It provides a common structure for the exchange of information about new and existing facilities, including both buildings and infrastructure. The COBie spreadsheet is a mapping of the Basic FM Handover View Definition, which is a subset of the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) relating to Facilities Management. Archicad uses its robust IFC data exchange capabilities to produce data output that is easily converted into COBie documentation.

The Guides are written documents on how to utilize the COBie Templates and set up a project to get the desired COBie output. In the Templates, compressed Archicad PLN files are included. A PLN file contains COBie-related properties, classification systems (Uniclass 2015 or OmniClass) and an IFC export translator. Although GRAPHISOFT only provides templates for Uniclass 2015 and OmniClass, any other Classification system can be included and set by following the Guide.

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Archicad 22 and COBie Nov 9, 2018
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